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WELCOME TO THE RAVELLO WEDDINGS PAGE...CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO VIEW THE WEDDING IN THE DETAILS ...your book of the Dreams in Ravello We not invite you to read our incredible list of wedding Testimonials but only to look with your eyes. Couples that have planned their wedding in the year 2015. If you like only to read their impression and comments pls visit our section Testimonials, it will help you to understand the level of our services and type of weddings that can be organized here, we have spent years to be ready for Your Day. Contact us info@wagnertours.eu


 Karen and Chris from Uk

Barbara and Giancarlo from USA

Nicola and Niall from Australia

Antonio and Christina

Paul and Kay from England

Omari and Victoria from USA

Marielle and Brooke from Netherland

Boe and Richard from England

April and Michael from Usa

Lexi and Sam from Uk

 Rosanna and Steven

Sylvia and Neill marriage celebration

Patrick and Louise from Ireland

Laura and Phil from England

Alyssa and Lenny from Usa

Noreen and Stephan from Ireland

Karis and Lee from England

Shannon and Tod from Canada

Renata and David from Ireland

Candice and Matt from U.K

Michelle and David  from England

Dannie - Oliver blessing in Ravello

Feridum and Inna

Katie and Chris from England

Aisling and Gary from Ireland

Melissa and Giovanni from England

Terry and Ralph from England

Tony and Tracy from  Uk

Nancy and Eric from Canada

Lana and David from Usa

Hayley and Mark elopement

Arany and AyRan from Uk

Gilda and Clayton from England

Olga -Justin Catholic wedding

Bronwyn and David from Australia

Kadie and Andy from Uk

Ashly and Kevin Eloping

Rose and Gareth Catholic Marriage

Hannah - Fredrik symbolic ceremony

Paolo and Marie Catholic Ceremony

Holly and Carl from Uk

Amy and Karum Blessing

Ronan and Sophie from Ireland

Mandy and Andrea from Uk

Laura and Scott from Uk

Frank Ross blessing

Sandra and Philip from Uk

Emily- Anthony Civil Wedding

Helean and Sean Catholic wedding

Stacey and Kristoffer wedding

Janne and David

Sarah and Denis from Ireland