Ravello - da Tatore ( Salvatore ) - restaurant italian style Ravello - the city of Music - Amalfi Coast - Italy

The Restaurant da Tatore ( in Ravello slang ) or da Salvatore is very easy to reach: by foot , only 50 meters from the main square of Ravello !!! here, we can organize your wedding in many ways with our typical cuisine made of different menus to choice with you : -welcome drinks and canapé, main celebration dinner, buffet, formal dinner, wedding cake, live music.

At the Ristorante Salvatore '' Da Tatore '' we have inside and outdoor areas.

You can reserve all the place ( the terrace ) or just a part of it - Da Tatore experience will satisfy your dreams of a wedding really Italian Style. The restaurant Tatore gives particular attention to the quality of the products, guaranteed by the chef’s continuous search. He prepares elaborate but healthy meals based on the Neapolitan and Mediterranean traditional recipes. The overall quality, the professional and customer friendly staff are overall recognized and appreciated and they represent its point of strength.

At the Tatore Restaurant we have the possibility to arrange after party ( for this option pls contact in advance ) info@wagnertours.eu   all the photos in this website are exclusive of Wagner Tours and all the weddings are planned by mario Capuano the local wedding planner in Ravello !!!

At the Tatore Restaurant we are at home !!! a wedding will be sure over any dreams !!!

Luca and Pino( the Chefs ) and Mario and Enrico Capuano ( the wedding planners) use the winter time to cook, arrange and test new traditional recipes to offer to the couple and their guests. The result is all the time incredible Testimonials ( in the next pages)

If you like the idea of a wedding in Italian Style ( really ) from our photos you can understand what whe mean !!! your Ravello's wedding dream is starting contacting us  info@wagnertours.eu

We have spent years to be ready for your wedding day in Ravello ... 

At the Tatore or big or small wedding party not makes difference, same attention to all the details

You are welcome !!!

Your Ravello Wedding dream overlooking the Amalfi Coast - info@wagnertours.eu

Your Ravello Wedding dream overlooking the Amalfi Coast - info@wagnertours.eu

We are waiting for you !!!