Candice and Matt from England  - civl wedding in Ravello - Amalfi coast Italy. A dream signed by the local wedding Planner Mario Capuano, his assistent Annamaria Staiano and the professional photographer Enrico Capuano and all the Wagner Tours Team  ( Pier, Claud, Tony, Angelo, Peppe, Lucia, Armando, Carmela, Fausto, Carmine, Benjamin, Francesco and Dj Alonso)

Candice and Matt - on the terrace of the Villa,  intimate moment of love.

The Ravello  wedding dream is starting, the last details ...


Candice is so happy, everything well organised and she is walking to the town hall garden


The civil wedding ceremony in the Garden Principessa di Piemonte .. a dream signed by Mario Capuano

The Ceremony is quite and relaxing, with the sound of Harpa and Violin

Mario Capuano, after the reading of the wedding act, is proclaming Matt and Candice '' Husband & Wife ''  - Just Married in Ravello

And now ... moving everybody to the main square of Ravello, a lovely walk passing the hidden treasure of Ravello

 A Selfie ... why not ?  

In the private villa the groom and bride have a '' warm welcome '' with petals... and more


The  wedding planner Mario Capuano follows the wedding in back-ground ... but he is all the time ready to help them !!!

The First Dance... our Dj Alonso is ready to drive the long night !!!