“What wedding dreams are made of ! ” from Sylvia and Neill

We fell in love with Ravello from the first moment we first came to visit this incredible little town. We stumbled upon Villa Eva my accident and as soon as we walked into the incredible gardens, we just knew we had found our wedding venue. After going home, we did a bit of research. We knew that for a destination wedding, we would need help from someone based locally, who would take care of all the details, that would be difficult for us to do living in another country. We therefore decided to email a few wedding planners to see what they had to say. We had read a lot of Testimonials about Mario Capuano and his team at Wagner Tours. Everyone had nothing but good things to say. From Mario's first email, we could just tell he knew what he was talking about and was passionate about his job. He was so detailed in his email and extremely helpful. Something that the other wedding planners were not! He wasn't pushy and answered all our questions. He did so much, and we hadn't even paid him anything yet. We therefore knew he was our guy!

Looking back now, we are so incredibly happy we listened to Mario and went with his recommendations. We let him organise everything and went with what he suggested. We also visited Ravello again on the first May bank holiday weekend to meet with Mario and his team and try the tasting menu. We are so happy we did this and think that everyone should. It was so nice to actually meet with Mario in person and discuss the details of our wedding. One thing we hadn't realised before this weekend was that if you book to have your wedding in Ravello, make sure you and all your guests stay in actual Ravello (not Ravello by the Coast, or Amalfi or some other town) as otherwise the cab journeys will be very expensive. Please please listen to Mario and make sure you and all your guests book all the accommodations through him. It just makes things so much easier and saves everyone a lot of money!

The night before our wedding: As all our guests, including us, were coming from abroad, we decided, based on Mario's recommendation, to have a pizza party the night before our wedding at Restaurant Da Salvatore, which has an amazing view of the Amalfi Coast. This was a great way for all our guests to meet before the actual wedding, in a nice and relaxed atmosphere. We are so happy we did this as the night was an absolute success. The food was amazing, with a lot of our guests telling us it was the best pizza they have ever had! All the staff were nothing but attentive. Everyone received a glass of prosecco upon arriving and we had nice appetisers to start off with which include plates of meats, cheeses and marinated vegetables, followed by loads and loads of incredible wood fired oven pizza's, not to mention lovely local wine. We would highly recommend the pizza party. Please don't let the cost put you off, as it really is worth it.

The day of our wedding: We had our ceremony at Villa Eva and because our wedding was end of September and it getting darker earlier, we decided to pay the additional fee to have the ceremony at Villa Eva 1hr earlier. We are so glad that we did this. The best thing about having our ceremony at our actual wedding venue, is that it was completely exclusive to us and our guests, with no tourists wondering around. Please do this if you want exclusivity! The ceremony took place outside, overlooking the sea. The wow factor alone was out of this world. Mario conducted our wedding ceremony and added a few personal touches that made the whole experience very special.

After the ceremony, we had a toast in the main square with all our guests. Please do this! It's a great way to break things up and make the day even more memorable, and show all your guests, just how beautiful Ravello really is. This was also a time for all our guests to have a few drinks, chat and have photos taken

Following the toast in the main square, we moved back to Villa Eva, for canapés and more drinks and photos. At that point it started getting dark and the fairy lights just created the most magical atmosphere (please go for the fairy lights as they really set the scene. Don't even think about it, just do it!!!). Villa Eva and the whole setting was just out of this world. Something you would see in a movie. I get tears in my eyes still thinking about it.

In terms of flowers, we went for the mid range flower placements. I would highly recommend this as I think the smallest flower placements would have been just a bit too small. There were a lot of personal touches at our wedding which Mario and his team accomodated exactly how we had asked for.

Mario and his team were just amazing. They basically did everything and took charge, without being pushy. Between Enrico Capuano, our most amazing photographer, to Annamaria Staiano and Mario Capuano, everything flowed extremely smoothly. They were with us the whole time and made the day go without a hitch.

We danced the night away till 4am, and I've never been to a wedding before where there were so many people on the dance floor until the very end.

It was a weekend we will remember for the rest of our lives. A huge thank you to Mario Capuano, Annamaria Staiano and Enrico Capuano and their whole team at Wagner Tours for making our wedding weekend just the most amazing one, and for exceeding all our expectations. My husband hates having his photo taken, but Enrico actually managed to put him at ease. “

These people are not just our wedding planners, but they are now a family. They were with us from start to finish, and that I will forever be grateful to them for this. A lot of our guests have said that our wedding is one of the best that they have ever been too. We therefore have Mario, Annamaria, Enrico and their team to thank for this.

If you want a truly magical wedding experience, think no further than Ravello and Mario and this team at Wagner Tours. As they really do deliver and exceed all expectations! When Mario says to you he will be there from start to finish, he really means it!

Villa Eva Ravello - stunning wedding venue

Villa Eva Ravello - stunning wedding venue


Villa Eva Ravello - stunning wedding venue

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