Rose and Gareth from Ireland    - a catholic wedding in Ravello church - Wedding Planner Mario Capuano and professional wedding photographer Enrico Capuano.

Anyone who's thinking of getting married anywhere in Italy, and is looking at this site for research purposes into whether they should consider using Mario and his team at Wagner Tours - let me save you hours, days or even weeks of work by telling you - YOU MUST BOOK YOUR WEDDING THROUGH MARIO CAPUANO!!!!!A short back history, just to set the scene - we are a young (ish!) couple from Ireland (late 20's and early 30's) who met Mario Capuano and Anna-maria Staiano on site visit when looking for the perfect venue about one and half years ago in Wagner tours. Just to add to this, I am a Hotelier from Ireland with family hotel for over 20 years who specialise in weddings. I say this only to give anyone reading this - additional assurance how amazing Mario and Anna Maria are!!!

All I'll say is that everything you've read in previous accounts of the team, do not do them justice at all - as they are even better than everything you've read.Genuinely from the day we met Mario and Anna Maria, you couldn't have asked for anything more. Despite knowing how to organise an Irish wedding, inside out with my eyes closed and have all the contacts built up necessary to organise any Irish wedding, we'd not a clue what to do over in Italy and this is where Mario and Anna Maria were nothing short of spectacular.I had read all the previous tripadvisor Testimonials on how "Mario and Anna Maria reply to every email almost instantly", "are there throughout the entire day", "helps with everything" and to be honest thought to myself - no one can be this good and I was right - they're even better than this!!!!We got married in the Church in main square in Ravello with Don Giuseppe Impareto as our priest, again organised by Mario. Not only was the church so unbelievably special for us - Don Giuseppe quite literally was everything you could have ever hoped for. He is one of friendliest priests we've ever met and actually organised to do some of ceremony in Irish as surprise for us - amazing!!!!

For anyone, worried about paperwork and legals - we totally suggest that you let Mario organise as he handled everything, walked us through the entire process and everything perfect. We have heard of others who didn't take this advice and thought they could do themselves but for the work needed, relative to how easy Mario made it for us - definitely let him do it as will be perfect.Mario and Anna Mario advised on every point of the day in advance including but not limited to accommodation, church, florists, music (both in the church, walking to the square and Dj for night - all of who were amazing and totally 100% special to our day). Again being honest, we considered saving the budget on some parts of this but in taking marios advice that he'd suggested - we said yes and asked him to sort. He said that this would add to the day - he was totally right and was amazing.

Leading onto Villa Eva itself - all I can say is that you will struggle to find venue as good as it anywhere in the world. It again is a family run venue and the owner himself is so decent - he actually runs the bar on most nights of the event through to finish and keeps eye over everything. however, again coming back to Mario - he was there right up to 5am close helping, organising and making our day absolutely perfect. The head chef of Villa Eva should be phenomenally proud of themselves and their team as without shadow of doubt, one of the best wedding meals both we and our guests have ever had. I only wish some of the team worked closer to Belfast and could come and visit us for the day! On top of this, every member of the service team were better than the next and couldn't do enough to make our day amazing. Then leaving the best to last, Enrico Capuano and Janna our photographers.

Mario had suggested due to our numbers (79 plus 5 babies) that we get 2 photographers and once again - he was totally right. Regardless of their photos which we've just received and can tell you that they are some of the most spectacular wedding photos we've ever seen, they were 2 of the most friendly, helpful, funny and relaxed people you'll ever meet. They shot the entire day with absolutely zero stress and captured the entire day (almost better) than it actually was - you must use these guys!In conclusion - both me & Rose and all our guests, genuinely cannot thank Mario and Anna Maria enough. They will do anything and everything for you (even the things you'll never think of). They met us on arrival at the start of our "holiday", on the morning of wedding, at the foot of steps to chapel, throughout the entire ceremony and every part of the evening celebrations.Not only did myself and Rose have the best day of our lives as a result of help, support and advice from Anna Maria and Mario - we've left with people who we'd totally call friends. We just hope to see you over in Ireland sometime soon and only hope, we can look after you 1/2 as well!!With all our Best -Rose and Gareth Macklin

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