From Feridum and Inna - “Mario Creating Last Minute Miracles” Me and my wife Inna contacted Wagner Tours just one month before our planned wedding day. We cannot thank Mario and team enough for planning everything perfectly in such a short time.We had a wonderful wedding in Ravello and all the guests enjoyed the format and the party very much.

We have actually started with another planner. We wanted to organise the wedding in Italy but had no specific region in mind. So we contacted planners first and started the process with a planner from Pisa 3 months before the wedding. She suggested us several places and we liked Ravello and Villa Eva instantly. So we made the downpayment for Villa Eva and the planner fee. However the planner did not seem very serious. She sent us some ideas for the band and photographer, she laid out the costs for each item and that was all. She was rushing for the money instead. It turned out later, thanks to Mario, that the first thing to do was to start with documentation. We are a Ukranian-Turkish couple and the document set was different for each of us.

Planner from Pisa never mentioned about the documents. At the end I had to start searching for conditions myself. Although the procedure was not so complicated we learned by experience that documentation is the first step. At that point, exactly 1 month before our date I contacted Mario, explained the situation and we scheduled a meeting in Ravello in 2 days. He sent me 20 emails within an hour, each containing details about different steps such as photography, band, flowers, civil wedding procedures etc.

Two days later I was in Ravello to meet Mario and the team. He took me to Villa Eva, helped me to choose menu, flowers, decoration etc. introduced me to the talented young photographer Enrico, checked the details with the Comune, bought me several espressos in piazza and at the end of the day all the wedding day was planned. The next week we confirmed each step one by one by email and all was ready.

On our wedding day May 9th everything went perfectly exactly as Mario explained us earlier. He even arranged the weather and stopped the rain :) we started the ceremony in a wonderful weather with a spectacular view in horizon. We followed his setup and went to piazza for a toast. Then Enrico made wonderful photos in Villa Rufolo. And the dinner and party was perfect as well.

We would like to thank Mario, Anamaria and Enrico so much for planning our wedding day so prefectly. They finished all in 1 month and without a single flaw. We also rushed to finish paperwork so it was a thriller. And I should add that Wagner Tours fee was very very economical when compared to other planner's fees. I had the misfortune of starting with an unethical, scam type planner and what they asked was more than triple. And my advise to everyone is to collaborate with a local planner.

And in Ravello this should be Wagner Tours. Mario and the team were with us from the start of the ceremony till the end.

Thank you Maria, Anamaria and Enrico for the great service, hospitality and friendship. We will meet again soon.