Just Married in Ravello - the Civil wedding of Lexi and Sam - a dream signed by Mario Capuano and Wagner Tours Team !!!

Stunningly beautiful.......” We have just come back from the most beautiful 2 weeks in Italy for our wedding. When we first came across Ravello online, we weren't even engaged and had only seen photos but we said when the time comes it will be the place, it just looked so picturesque and being half Italian i knew i wanted to get married there . We didn't know how it would be possible but after a little searching we came across Wagner Tours and Mario Capuano.

From the first email Mario was very informative, sending me lots of options and a very clear sheet with costs so that nothing was hidden or a surprise, this put us at ease straight away as weddings are the most expensive times in your lives and it was amazing we could plan and know how much we needed. We saved so hard and it was so worth it because the day was so stunning.

Mario helped us plan and organise everything to perfection, making suggestions, reigning me in if I made an extravagant suggestion and was always so quick to reply to me , even though I had 1000 questions....sorry Mario :-).

Someone that needs a big mention is the amazing Annamaria Staiano who as soon as we entered the office 3 weeks ago have us the biggest hug and welcome we felt so special . She is such a star and totally understood all the little details I wanted, even helping me prep some things , adding extras in that i had forgotten and always with a smile. I felt so comfortable with her and she truly is a beautiful person who really is the heart of Wagner Tours. There are no words to express what a lovely person she is. From the minute we arrived in Ravello even though there were other weddings happening she made time for us and let us pop in, or ask questions.

We also have to mention Lola the dog who is an important part of the team and even was at our wedding. We would often see Lola across the piazza at night and everyone loved her. I had been following the photographer Enrico Capuano online since we got engaged , looking in awe at his work and getting excited about our day. He was so so friendly when we would chat over Facebook in the lead up and you can tell that he loves his job and is so talented, i just cant wait to see the photos.

On the day he was calm and smiley and we felt comfortable, i forgot to ask for some specific shots that i wanted but im sure he has lots of beautiful ones that i didn't even realise .His work just seems to get better and better.

Everything from the mouth watering food and cocktails at Villa Eva to the beautiful Violin that was playing as i walked down the aisle and the fun live music from the mandolin and guitar as we walked through the village was just beautiful. Of course as with any wedding there were a few little niggles on the day, you just want it to be perfect, but not that anyone else would of noticed. You are always mindful when you are asking people to come out and spend their hard earned money to watch you get married abroad, but everyone was blown away by Ravello, Villa Eva and the day as a whole. To hear from more than a handful of times that it was the best wedding our guests had been to was pretty amazing .Its honestly made us feel so proud to have that kind of reaction and and none of it would be possible without Wagner Tours!!