Paolo and Marie   - a catholic wedding in Ravello church - Wedding Planner Mario Capuano and professional wedding photographer Enrico Capuano.

“THE BEST WEDDING PLANNERS YOU CAN FIND!!!!”When we decided to get married, we thought that we could handle the organization by ourselves and we were s little sceptic of the idea of having a wedding planner. We could not be more wrong!!!! MARIO CAPUANO and his team are absolutely FANTASTIC!!!! They are highly professional, very creative, fun to interact with, very good at communicating via email (which is a huge relief if you don’t live in Italy, like us). They are super-organized and from your very first meeting Mario will provide you with regular updates (in writing) on every little aspect of your wedding.

Most importantly, they are a great source of fantastic ideas and even if they will always do their best to accommodate your requests, no matter how crazy they might get, they will not spare you their precious advice (saving you from your own excessive craziness sometimes ;-). Most importantly, their work has given us the unique opportunity to relax and enjoy our time in preparation for the big day. That is truly invaluable!

Every member of the team is a great professional. Annamaria Staiano, who co-organizes the events with Mario is a super-energetic lady who will make sure every single aspect of the event goes as planned. Enrico Capuano and Gianni the assistant are truly great photographers. Gigino and Carmela are the best florists you can find. We’ve spent over a year interacting with Mario and his team, and believe us, we were truly sad of saying goodbye after the wedding. Whenever we go back to Ravello, we will certainly pay a visit to Wagner Tours and reminisce the good times we’ve had! Paolo and Marie

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