Catholic Wedding in Ravello - Olga and Justin from Uk - a wedding dream signed by Mario Capuano and the Wagner Tours team !!!

“Dream wedding” Dear readers, my name is Olga and this year I got married to the best man in the world in the best venue you could ever imagine. I'm originally from Russia and my husband is from the USA and we wanted to arrange our special day somewhere in between. I was searching for lots of places but one of our friends advised us to go to Ravello. Me and my husband have never been to Italy before, so it was rather challengeable to find the venue and to deal with all these arrangements on our own so we started searching for a wedding planner.

I got in contact with several agencies and I can tell you the following- it's either super expensive or just very expensive and plus you have a feeling that you don't understand anything about payments. But thanks to trip advisor I found Wagnertours agency. Number one thing that we liked is a very detailed spreadsheet that included all the expenses and it was really cheaper then others and we felt like they really knew what they were doing.

We skyped with Mario and he answered all our questions. Believe me we had lots of difficulties with all the paperwork that we dealt in the USA so we had lots of questions and we were not sure about the date so we had to postpone it several times and Mario adjusted everything very fast and really helped us with all that. We booked villa Eva...When we finally got to Ravello and I saw this villa for the first time I was crying because all the pictures that you might have seen are absolutely nothing to do with reality... Because in reality it's even more beautiful , truly like a fairy tale and way beyond your expectations!!! The view, the villa, the yard with flowers, tables, dining/reception area... You need to see that in person! Trust me.

I had some problems with the hotel where I stayed but in several hours they fixed the problem and I finally got the room that I liked. Btw Wagner tours kindly gave us a free night in this hotel! The Wagner tours team was very pleasant and nice. They managed almost all my ideas and wishes. I would also like to say that Mario advised us a photographer who was really nice and we got a lot of pictures. He is young, easygoing photographer who's name is Enrico. I felt relaxed and comfortable when he started working. I haven't seen them on the high quality in cd yet, but he sent me a link with low quality pictures so that I could look them through and I truly enjoyed them.there were lots of good shots. I'm still waiting for the video and hope I will like it too.

As for the make up artist I also had Adele. Just to let you know - it's gonna be expensive to have a hair stylist and make up artist in Amalfi anyways! And don't feel uncomfortable with her prices cause her service is not more expensive than anywheres else in Amalfi. Actually it's cheaper than some other make up artists. I wasn't sure that I will take her, because I put my make up on by myself very well, but after my trial I realized that it worths it. She was really good.I'm generally very happy with my wedding of my dream. Mario and his team arranged beautiful reception area, called very good DJ for after reception party and all my friends were dancing like crazy because the dj had awesome playlist.

Personally us (me and my husband) we are very satisfied with the work of Wagnertours and we would like to thank them once again and wish them prosperity and good clients! We had the best wedding ever that we will never forget! I just wish We could repeat everything .